50% off 1yr Autodesk ArtCAM Standard subscription

I noticed on the Autodesk website that they’re offering 50% off a 1 year subscription for Autodesk ArtCAM Standard. Autodesk has regional websites that price it according to your country (so check your specific country), but it basically amounts to $180 USD off the price.

I’ve never used it, but it sounds like the tools would be helpful for both laser AND CNC mills (if you happen to have one of those as well). I’m especially intrigued by the 2D and reliefs aspect of it. Perhaps someone else can chime in on the suitability more?

Edit: They also apparently have a 30-day free trial available at http://www.artcam.com/standard/free-trial/index.asp

Edit2: Features comparison chart for the different versions is at http://www.artcam.com/downloads/pdf/artcam-feature-comparison-flyer.pdf


Looks like an interesting software (esp. for CNC - but would work with laser). Yikes the ArtCAM premium subscription is over $3000.00 a year… :astonished: will definately try the 30 day sub once I get my GlowForge™


Cool, been looking into updating my mill to CNC. Thank you!


I saw this to, and thought about it.

I have been using artcam pro 2008 for years. It is still awesome. The beating is a tad imperfect , but it works well enough. If I had a CNC router again, I would think about getting a subscription. The 3d stuff it use to be able to do was awesome, I can only imagine it’s way better 9 years later.

I have some of my 3d relief photos at home. I’ll try to post later.