50th Anniversary Mirror Engraving


This mirror was found at my local lowes, a pack of 6 was about $20 -$22 dollars. The settings used were 700 speed and 100% power and was burned on the back with the mirror faced down, mirror the image to get text right!! It took some tinkering to get the spacing right as at the time it seemed my GF was a little out of calibration but over all am very pleased with the results and the gift was a HUGE success!! Many asked how much I paid to get it done. Jaw dropped when I said about $3522… Luckily I have a few people interested in having something like this done for them and are getting me some pictures so that I can get started and sell a few of the mirrors. I designed the stands in fusion 360 and then 3d printe, I will link them when I post them on thingiverse. Designed the stands as the others I had found were not holding the weight of the 12X12 mirror with the photo frame… The frame is simply hot glued on with some pretty strong glue.
New photo by Glen “Protious” Jones


Nice job.
For my education, how long do you have for getting the glue on, and the frame pressed down ?
I’ve not used a glue gun, so I’m wondering how useful it might be to me.
I’m guessing it’s just seconds - four blobs of glue, flip it and press, hoping you’ve got it in the right place !

John :upside_down_face:


Oh lovely! :grinning:


I actually went around the whole frame with the glue. It was pretty quick setting so MAKE SURE it is aligned!!!


Excellent! :sunglasses:


That is really lovely. Nice work.


Really nice! like the use of the frame, framed :slight_smile:


You can get hot glues with different “open times” and “set times”.

The hot glue I use actually has pretty much an unlimited open time according to the manufacturer. But, it’s sold in “pillows” rather than glue sticks.


Thanks for that info. Gives the method more versatility than I realised.
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What a special gift! Nicely done!


Oh, very nice!


That is really nice.