5th Annual National Ice Cream Day

Some of you know I do an annual Ice Cream Crawl with my friends on National Ice Cream Day (7-21-24 this year). It is the 3rd Sunday in July (Thanks to Ronald Reagan.) This year, for awards for making it to at least 6 of the 10 ice cream shops we will hit that day, I made these tokens.
On medium acrylic, ( I am using red or blue this year), set the rectangle to CUT, the circles to SCORE, the 5 and the date to ENGRAVE. Set the ice cream cone to IGNORE.
Run the print, and then carefully, without moving the original material, remove the cut rectangle and turn it over and reinsert it in the hole made. (What you have previously done should still be right side up on the back side of your rectangle.)
Then set the rectangle to IGNORE, the circles to CUT, the 5 and date to IGNORE, and the ice cream cone to ENGRAVE.

When you are done, you should have 24 prizes to share with your ice cream fanatic friends. Of course, you can change the 5 and the date and start your own annual event. Enjoy a cone.

5th Cone Day


Thanks for the share and the details how to print it!


Now that sounds like an awesome way to spend a day!


There are several great ice cream places in my local communities. Now I have a great excuse to visit them all in one day! :heart_eyes:


and your pancreas won’t be thanking you. :slight_smile:


Cute idea, thank you!