6 inch inline fan questions

The location of where my Glowforge is going to sit I will have to create basically a U in the hose to vent out a Window. If I put the inline fan close to the window will it make a difference on U in the hose?

How much distance will I need from the rear of the Machine to the wall?

First of many times I will say Last question, Would you recommend a tool chest bottom or a Ikea build for a table for the GF?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, the inline will help.
About 8" from machine to wall
If the tool chest has large drawers that’ll be great for storing materials and bits - if it’s the tiny drawer type less so.
Ikea tables can be great too - but you’ll need something to store materials and bits on :slight_smile:

  • The biggest thing with the table is that you want it to be sturdy. This is not a light machine and the head is throwing itself about wildly - a 20lb table isn’t gonna cut it unless you bolt it to the floor :stuck_out_tongue:

Do a search here on the forum for both of these and you’ll see dozens and dozens of solutions that all work (for both the fans and the tables)


I think you’ll be ok.
I use the 6" infinity fan and find it’s quite a bit more powerful than the fan inside the Glowforge.

My setup actually has the fan closer to the GF than my window (which I know isn’t ideal, but was just easier for me to set up that way), and my hose doesn’t quite do a full U, but goes around a corner, and then turns again out the window.

It seems to still be doing a great job getting smoke out the window.

I’ve been using this air quality sensor to get a sense of how much leakage I’m getting back into the room under various setups:

We bought to measure air quality due to wildfires, but it’s been helpful to QA our air filtration setup. It probably doesn’t detect all things that could be in the air from the laser, but at least from cutting wood it measures the particulate matter well.

Good luck!


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Home Depot has a special by in my store. Husky tool chest, 37” by 19 or 20”. Only $248.00

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For almost 2 years, my glowforge has been sitting on the cheap ikea table, the build your own $25 dollar table.

As long as it’s solidly on the floor and level, something as cheap as that will do. Just recently I got tired of tripping over materials, so now the forge is sitting on top of a cheap clearance ikea shelf (I got it for 2.50) that I put on top of two cube shelves from Target (I didn’t buy any new furniture, just rearranged what I had). It sits there more solidly than the table. No vibration whatsoever. My fan set up is weirder, I can’t explain that one…

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I find that a large Muscle Rack works best as a shelf - add a shelf at the bottom, one around 12" from the top of the side bars, then one on top. Holds the weight, gives you shelves that can handle the weight of lots of wood, and is the perfect size. https://www.amazon.com/Muscle-Rack-UR482472PB5PAZ-SV-Adjustable-Capacity/dp/B01HQ3YYT6/ref=pd_lpo_469_t_1/135-6801371-8678907?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01HQ3YYT6&pd_rd_r=72220c2a-d35a-44fb-b374-dae7f542e5b9&pd_rd_w=JEHDU&pd_rd_wg=NRSgB&pf_rd_p=7b36d496-f366-4631-94d3-61b87b52511b&pf_rd_r=NQDD9GK0A5PH5P79V4NK&psc=1&refRID=NQDD9GK0A5PH5P79V4NK

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