60 second ornaments

We got a larger Christmas tree for our office this year and needed more ornaments. I didn’t want to spend too much time on them. So it was all cuts. About eight minutes for the whole sheet. I left the glitter to my co-worker.

work ornaments


What is that? Felt?

Oh, sorry. It’s draftboard. She used spray adhesive and lots of glitter.

The font is “Conga Brava Stencil” It is a nice stencil font that doesn’t look it.


Look great! (I sometimes use the glitter spray paint to save the adhesive glitter step ). Pro - less messy and don’t need to seal the glitter so it doesn’t wear of everywhere. Con - If you are in a cold area, may not have a good spray-painting area… (we’re still good during the day here in AZ). Also more expensive with the spray paint I would think… Nice job ! Happy holiday’s to everyone out there !!


That’s a lot of glitter! Pretty snazzy.

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What are those, 3” or so? Nice trick with the glitter.


Even bigger, 5 inches tall. I might have scaled it in the gfui, but they are a good scale for the size of the tree.

super cute! just a tip on glitter, i used a coat of hairspray to keep glitter from flaking off my daughter’s halloween crown. kept the glitter shiny and really did keep it on the cardboard. :slight_smile:


Fast work!

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Nice job! It’s cool to be able to whip out a personalized project at a moment’s notice.

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What a wonderful idea! Very quick, and you didn’t have to deal with the glitter! Thank you for the font tip, that’s a nice one!

Looks great, thanks fo sharing.

At work now. I can add pictures.


How big were these ornaments? I love them!

I tried maximizing a full sheet of proofgrade draftboard. You can right-click and download the file.

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