6mm mdf

I’m a very new user and I was wondering what settings you would use for 6mm (0.236 inches). I’m in the uk so we use metric. Is this about 1/4 inch? So confused.

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Any number of sites can convert between metric & imperial. You can also just divide by 25.4 to get inches from mm.

That said, 6mm is indeed very close to “Thick” Proofgrade draftboard, so you can start there and adjust if needed.


Settings differ for material so no one can even give a start point based on the info you submitted. Even the same material can have different setting requirements from sheet to sheet. Your best bet is learning to test each piece before you commit to your project. Something as simple as a small circle cut in an area outside your design. If at first it doesn’t go through you either slow it down or increase power and try again until you dial it in.

And yes as @eflyguy said just use google to convert mm to inches or vice versa.


It is, don’t be overly alarmed if it refuses to cut. Some MDFs that aren’t sold for laser cutting use glue/binder that simply won’t cut. If that happens to you get a different brand.


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For any non Proofgrade material you are using, it is best to do some testing to determine optimal results. I suggest you start with Thick Draftboard Proofgrade settings and adjust as needed.


Honestly, with MDF that thick… I’d probably go with “bandsaw “setting.


1/4 is 0.25, so it’s just shy of that.


To test is best. If you are unsure of the cut, a tip to save materials -
Try to lift the cut with a piece of tape while holding the material down so it can’t move. If the cut didn’t go through you can run the cut again if the material hasn’t moved.