7 boxes but actually only one

My wife asked for a way to store some of our rarely used bathroom items like bug bite stuff, etc. I been kinda in a rut thinking about what to make the past few weeks that would be really cool and her asking me for this inspired me to really put my thinking hat on. Why make just a box for one type of items and have it go to waste once we eventually don’t need it anymore? So I made a box that has swapable tops to be used for so many different things now!!! Here’s just a fraction of the premade lids that comes with the design. And now I am going to be making more sizes in the future too! This box has 7 premade lids and then you can alway make your own cutouts and lids you need too. 7 boxes in one! How cool is that?


Great idea. These turned out nice!


That is a handy idea! :sunglasses:


Great concept!


Cool idea! Easy to grab and go from these!


Really great idea, but I got to ask do the pens and smaller thing tend to fall over some? Like in the second picture you have sharpies (Look Like) do they stand up straight.

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They can tilt slightly. It depends on how big you make the holes for cutouts. For this one I just added a
Slightly bigger holes that fit snug for thicker pens I use that have the grips on them so they stand straight. I had more sharpies for the photos. The sharpies do stand straight on there own here since they have a flat edge to them but if I bumped them they could tilt. If I was going to use it for sharpies all the time I would just make slightly smaller circles that fit more snug on another lid for them and that would prevent any slight tilt. If that makes sense.


Just made a video showing how to edit the holes to be tighter in the Glowforge’s ui too: Edit in the Glowforge UI - YouTube

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Cool idea! I like swappable.


Great job.