7 layer Owl art piece

Another attempt of mine to create a multilayer animal. I was hesitant about the balance, but after 1 try I found the correct hole placement for the stand.
I was worried about the weight on the stand/branch as well, but there was no problem with that either. This wood is very light.

Wood used is 1/4" walnut and mahogany veneer.

I do plan on making others, but please let me know what you thinks of this one.

Enjoy your weekend.


I really like these creations, thanks for sharing.



and the mouse is just :kissing_heart:



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Very nice!

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Did you also see the hawk and other birds, and the racoon? I didn’t see the racoon until I was looking for the mouse, so thanks for pointing it out.


The only change I would do to my own plan if I bought it, would be to make a duplicate tree/owl shape and place it one or two positions behind the top piece. Gravity is always going to win, it just doesn’t have to be too soon. If you do a couple dry runs before gluing in place, you can find the one that creates the best visual effect.

Your work is stunning; thank you for showing it here.


I was thinking about that, but on my previous creation I accidentally created an extra outline and put in front (with my wife’s suggestion). It looked way better, so that why I made the stand part of the front layer.

This could of course be changed to the middle layer for a bit more stability, but it was such a joy to create.


Thanks for the recommendation!! I did one as well. Had to paint some layers due to a lack of material options- but I do like the result as well :wink:


I really like the tree. It adds a nice touch too. :blush:

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Love it!!

That came out great.

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