7 layer Turtle

This is my 6th layered design and it was so much fun to create. Ideas kept flowing into my head for this, which is probably why there is so much packed into it…and of course my wife helped me out with the fine tune corrections.

This one is designed to be hung on the wall, so I created a personal hanging bracket and spacer. Nothing fancy but it certainly does the job.

Final product is 13" wide, 11.5" high (as big as I could make it for my GF Basic).
Pictures include 1/4" cherry, walnut, mahogany and hickory veneer.

Hope you like.


Nice use of materials - and I love all that is going on in this one. I am a sucker for hammerhead sharks.


I really love all the details hidden in these layered animals! Such a wonderful collection!!

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Complete photo shoot of a nice looking piece.

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Very nice …wow

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Another amazing piece! I love it!


This is really well done. Thanks for posting.

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