9/64th Clear Acrylic

I am trying to find a source for clear acrylic with a thickness of 9/64

That’s about 3.6mm, how much play do you have in that thickness?

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Good luck. Most of the places I order from state that the material is 1/8" but with a variance. Even within a single piece of cast acrylic there will be a difference.

Yeah, that seems oddly specific. Most widths I have seen are more of a range in actual width, but most claim 3mm or 1/8"

For instance, here’s 3/16" cast:

they say:

Nominal 3/16" Thick (actual thickness will be approximately .145" to .187").

.140 is 9/64ths

I am cutting acrylic for the 3d led night light round bases. 0.165 is my max thickness. Smaller than 0.145 is to thin and the acrylic just falls out of the lamp. This seems to be a standard size sold in China. But with the current state of things it would be impossible to get before I need it. I have checked with ever local source and no one seems to carry it.

Can you share a photo of the night light your are using?

Another option would be to use thicker acrylic.
The bases I had were slots too thin for 1/4 acrylic, so I experimented engraving both sides of a tab on the acrylic to reduce its thickness to fit the slot. About 4 tries to get it dialed in.
I prefer the depth you can get with thick acrylic.


This - you have a machine to do the engraving, so unless you’re making them in bulk…

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That mjolnir is pretty awesome

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The evenness of the light throughout the acrylic is great. Everything looks awesome.

The bases I had were ~4mm slots. I just added carefully cut pieces of translucent hockey tape to the front side so 1/8 acrylic fit snugly but was not visible (unless you removed the panel from the base). I think 2 layers was sufficient but it’s been a few years…


There are different mm sizes here: