A belated Happy Halloween

I certainly wasn’t going to NOT use my laser to make at least a part of my Halloween costume :smiley:

This was my first totally from scratch (heh) project on Inkscape. I prototyped on my ubiquitous amazon boxes, then once it felt good I used the copy paste to cut out 6 identical copies of the claw on draft board. I ran them over the belt sander to bevel the top and bottom for a bit more shape, then a nice coat of spray paint finished them off. I used some threaded rod that could be bent to attach them together, then some putty epoxy to add some rigidity and more of a grip. There are still some refinements I’d make if I did it agin, but it came together really well, at least to my eyes :slight_smile:


Awesome! Heavy?

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Proofgrade adamantium?


Super light. I have a scale I can use at work, but I’d put them well under a pound each. I wore them to a cabaret event for 3 or 4 hours, then trick-or-treating with kids last night, and I nearly forgot I had them, my hands never got tired of holding them, and an enthusiastic 6 year old …uh… enjoyed the ease of swing-ability :wink:


I think we’d need more than 40 watts to do much with admantium, but I’m sure the settings would be perfect with the right QR code… :slight_smile:


Totally cool! :grinning: Don’t forget to cross link into the “Call for Glowforge Made Halloween Costumes” too!


done and done :smiley:


Looks great!

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those are awesome! you need to make one more set (a la bill doran):



Punished Props is amazing!! I did something similar with the cardboard templates, with a willing test subject, but I just held the claws behind her head :slight_smile:


Cool! And simple.

I made up an alligator-ish head to sit on my shoulder like a parrot (originally it was going to have a long flexible spine, but that got way too complicated).

Doesn’t look like much in the light, but in the dark with its mouth opening (thank you, Adafruit and pjrc) it was pretty effective.

(And the ductape holding the two sides of the jaw together is because the a glue joint failed in the field. Next time, I’ll take the extra five minutes and make tabs…)


I’ve done one or two projects on a Raspberry Pi, but I’ve never used Adafruit. Coding has always felt like a daunting skill to try to learn for me. That’s a heck of a design :slight_smile:

I can’t really code, but I can cut and paste real good. There were example sketches for the distance sensor, the servo and the LEDs. (The “hard” part was getting the LEDs to change color while the servo was slowly opening or closing the mouth. Oh, and 1/4" chicago screw on one side, servo on the other makes a perfectly fine set of hinges.)