A better solution to cleaning your laser lenses with q tips?

Hey guys!

I found a possible better solution to cleaning your laser lenses than with q tips. Has anyone used these? We use them for our printer at work and they are lint-free. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FVQM2SA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_C.GaAbD59JZDB

I also learned at my work that it’s also better to clean with Everclear than with rubbing alcohol. Apparently, there is a chemical in rubbing alcohol that degrades the lenses.


I use those for cleaning electronics all the time; they’re great.

For GF lenses I use Zeiss wipes. They work really well


I’m trying to find a comment from Glowforge staff about alternative lens cleaning and beam path window cleaning tools and solutions. It’s somewhere here. As expected, nothing other than the Zeiss lens wipes are recommended for the procedure.

Have you gotten the Glowforge yet? I see you have the email. Have you been able to log in on the app and go to the setup and maintenance page? There are some procedures there for cleaning. I wonder what your thoughts about them are given your experience at work.

I don’t want to contradict, but do want to point out that there is a recommended procedure for cleaning lenses and the beam path windows.

That’s not to say that you can do what you want, but from my experience here perhaps warranties and such are better defended when using recommended procedures.


Try pec-pads for lens cleaning.
I use to be able to buy them at the local camera store, but they are gone now.


I think that your wiping media will be of much more concern than the alcohol type. Isopropyl works well and is recommended for many camera lenses and other devices. If you are not scrubbing the lens with paper and are using a good microfiber cloth to gently wipe debris away you should be fine. Think of the alcohol as more of a lubricant than a solvent, though it does work well for oils.


I did get my laser! Back on the 3rd. I’m still setting up my space and plan to post pictures when I am done. (still haven’t cut anything just yet…)

I have yet to go through all of the procedures under the support tab in the app. I’ve been used to cleaning other lasers with q-tips and Everclear at work and at school, so this is definitely a but of a different process for me. But I’m all about learning it!


Incredible patience :slight_smile:


Amazon sells them. Kim wipes are good too.


Cleaning the GF Lens


Zeiss wipes
Kim Wipes

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It’s been a struggle. When I get something to help set up my space, I need something else in order to continue :weary:


I’d probably use just about anything over cotton swabs. The thought of leaving strands of cotton on my lens makes me shutter. :slight_smile:

Zeiss wipes is where it’s at. :slight_smile: Love 'em. Super-cheap. No mess.


I’m with Tom on this one. I usually wipe it down with Zeiss wipes, and then dry it off with the Kim wipes. Probably don’t need the Kim wipes, but by doing that I’m able to eyeball it and know that it’s clean.


I’ve got “nice’n cleans” from wal*mart. Just a bit cheaper. Also ethanol base instead of isopropyl.