A big plinko-styled bookcase

Really have enjoyed designing custom Plinko designs for customers when they go to tradeshows. This one is my favorite I’ve done. I sketched it out in Illustrator for client approval. Then took my sketch and went straight to converting it to the pieces I need to make this bookcase. My design size came out to 32" x 18" x 7" so most of it I could cut on my Glowforge Plus, but a few pieces I had someone cut for me so I didn’t have to piece the front and sides together (If I had the Glowforge Pro I could have done it all). I cut a stencil on the posterboard in the GF, so my daughter could paint the background, which I laid into the back before gluing in the pegs. In total it took what would be 12 boards, 3 sheets of acrylic, and 9’ of dowels, and I haven’t calculated the hours yet. But this was my favorite design and project to date. Hope you like it.



Looks great


Oh wow, I love that!


You have wonderful design skills! Love this … especially the top. Thank you for the video!


Thank you so much! I love when these type of projects come in, I hardly get to design anymore, too much making LOL.


Gorgeous design, and it was cool to see it in action!

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