A bit lost

So awhile back ago, got excited watching a video of this printer and pulled out the AMEX and immediately signed up to purchase one… Went shopping for “glasses” for protection and after ignoring “community update emails” for almost a year I finally logged on to hoping find out what’s going on, and the first posts that catch my eye is “SCAM”… I personally don’t believe this is a SCAM as the team that’s working on this device has been wonderful in their responses and live demonstrations.

BUTTTT I’m a bit lost here… Where would actual “delivery and product” updates be posted? How does one go about cancelling their order and getting a refund if one chooses to. A quick glance seems to reveal a bunch of people have already begun making their own projects so I’m assuming some people have received their printers already?

Is this unit still cloud based and has no way of functioning as a standalone?

Hoping someone could give me a shortcut to all of this… I’ll begin reading the topics one at a time… Wish I had time to just enjoy every single post, but realistically hoping the community or creators can reassure me this device is going to happen.

Huge thank you to anyone that can answer this…

Some peeps at work have been showing off their crafts recently from other devices…

OH… Right after I posted this, a message up top explains where all the updates are…


This post (Thanksgiving update) has the most recent update essentially saying we will get a more detailed update by the end of this week.


Chuckle…yeah, Dan is going to give us another update on Thursday or Friday.

It’s not a scam. We’ve seen some really cool projects from the betas. If you want to see what they’ve been up to, check out the Made on a Glowforge category posts.

And if you need a specific question answered, you can either use the Search icon up top, or just ask…we’ve gotten very chatty during the wait.


Hi @greenbubby! Welcome to the forum.

If someone ever told me, “No, Dan, I am definitely not scamming you,” I would run for the hills. So I’ll let you make the judgment call for yourself. But to answer your questions:
Official updates are here
Cancellation instructions are here
Correct, the unit does not function offline
Projects made on Glowforge printers are here

I hope you enjoy the community here. The people here are just amazingly wonderful.


On a completely unrelated note, I changed the title of my post from “Seeming Survey Scam” to “Seeming Survey Virus” (since that is what it ended up being) on my own computer and completely unrelated to anything GF had to do. I wasn’t thinking about putting anybody off by talking about something unrelated lol :sweat_smile:


Huge thank you to everyone responding and all the assistance on getting around. No I don’t want to cancel, yes it’s fun reading these posts :slight_smile: looking forward!

Lots of ideas floating around in my head this is really going to be a game changer…


Welcome to the forum! I know it’s a little overwhelming at first to think about reading all these posts, but I assure you there is a LOT of really good info in here and amazing friendly people as well.

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VOne way to get oriented is to click on latest and the sort by either number of replies or number of views. Those are good to start with and then work your way down.