A bit of inksçape geometry



Playing with Inkscape and rotating an ellipse I came up with this:



Nice! Love those accidental “Eureka” moments! :grinning:


That’s pretty damned cool.


Playing with the idea some more…


And still smaller the lines are too thin to cut out but not too thin to engrave.


Then there are the earrings…


A Fine wandering though a program results in a highly re-purposeful design. Many from one.


a bit too deep engrave on 1/16 walnut


This design would also make a nifty guitar pick. I’m not sure what material to use for that, though. Acrylic, I think, might prove to be to brittle and inflexible.


Natural turtle shell I think if available from a legal source. I had some manufacturing scrap back in 1975ish that was probably 20 years old then from an estate of an old jeweler that you might have managed that, but I don’t know if you can even posses it now… The plastic that emulates it sold these days, would be interesting to look at but I would have no idea of the chemistry of that plastic.