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It is amazing how you can have something in mind and it comes out different. I selected 3/8 maple to do a lid like the one before thinking it would show the least figuring and then did not cut the bottom deeply enough. Now I am in a bit of a quandary to put a blue wash on the ripples of water and pink petals w/ yellow center or leave it as is with clear lacquer instead of oil. No matter the choice the piece will either be made or ruined there would be no fix it.

Even looking at the close-up it looks worse than real and will take a lot more sanding that is very hard to accomplish in this shape. Ideas are welcome :thinking:


I’d leave it like that, or go with a clear lacquer, but I like natural wood wherever possible. It looks like waves of honey. :slightly_smiling_face:


It was supposed to be ripples in quiet water with a flower floating. I went through some effort to get increasing wavelengths over distance but did not expect such differences in height in the same wave.

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Was that a 3D engrave? If you happen to have snapmarks you can deepen areas with a second pass after the fact, but it would be just about impossible to pull off without them once the piece is removed from the bed.

I think it looks fine though…definitely looks like ripples in some fluid. (I still like the idea of honey.) :smile:

Yeep! Time to hit the sack. I’ve got to start trying to adapt to the time change.


Indeed.I keep wanting to write the date as nineteen seventy something… :roll_eyes:


I’m with Jules. I like it the way it is. When I first saw it, I thought of the sun, radiating waves of warmth upon the flower.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder”

I am guessing the only artists who couldn’t “scrap” something they didn’t like was a caveman or Gutzon Borglum.


I don’t see the problem. While I do think it looks great as is, I also think it would look great with a subtle watercolor wash. Why don’t you make one of each?


I may, as the rest of the box came out too big,


I like it just the way it is - although the circle may need a pebble in/on it to emphasize the ripple.


Just missed it by thaaat much…


A “Get Smart” fan, eh?

You can make another. It will be a wonderful piece when done.


Ouch! :grimacing:

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It already looks like beautiful water ripples to me and I vote for no coloring. The ripples look like they’ve been worn by age and it’d make a nice tchotchke tray if it doesn’t work for the box. Lovely work.


I’m in the “no coloring” camp. I love how it looks just the way it is!


If you want to test how it might look colored, you can always overlay a color in the photo of the piece in Photoshop.


Great idea

Of course getting it that good might be tricky


What if you cut enough of a piece out of the long sides to get the lid to fit? Then glue back together with Titebond and some small dowel pins. Sell it as a feature. :slight_smile:

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I am afraid that could not happen and look remotely decent. I will just make another bigger top and smaller bottom. and have two hopefully the correct size each,

I considered adding extensions to the ends of the top that could still look good but will hold off to see if I can get it right.

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I think the ripples look beautiful. I know what it’s like when you have something in mind and your project turns out differently, but just looking at the lid with no expectiations, I think it looks quite realistic. If I were to add color I’d make it very subtle. Just a wash of color. IMHO.

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