A Box for a Boxed Set

A problem I didn’t have until recently…

I bought a boxed set of DVDs, but the DVDs came in a box with a shaped plastic face, which is kind of goofy, but fitting, and that box came in a rectangular plastic shell, which didn’t ship well. I wanted something a little more durable, so I made a box for the box for the box for the DVDs.

I probably wouldn’t have thought to use a laser cutter for such a project, but when life gives you a laser, you make laserade.

I used the Boxes.py http://www.festi.info/boxes.py/ “UniversalBox” generator, and there’s probably an adjustment for the width of the cut - as it was, the pieces are super snug; I used a hammer to get them together, so it’s all friction fit now, and probably not coming apart.


Great box and great DVD set. I have the set but the box got ruined. Think I need to make one like yours :smile:


This is the quote of the day! :smile:


If anybody wants to follow in my footsteps, the settings I used:

python3 boxes UniversalBox --x=145.0 --y=100.0 --h=150.0 --output=alf.svg --thickness=3.175
python3 boxes UniversalBox --x=145.0 --y=100.0 --h=50.0 --output=alf_lid.svg --thickness=3.175

There are a lot of options I didn’t explore, but that’s a good start.


That’s… well… out of this world! :slight_smile:


Very nice! Just keep it away from your cat… :grin:

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I’m too old to say this … but, VERY COOL!

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