A box for Christmas

During Thanksgiving my step mother repeatedly expressed to me that I could not buy here a gift this year for Christmas.
That we were drawing names this year for gifts! Well I drew her name and I promised I would not buy her anything so I made something instead.


Cool…so how’d you make this, design wise?

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It’s actually two boxes made on a box designer from the Internet. It’s free to use. One for the body and one for the lid. Hardware came from hobby lobby. Lined it with felt. The name and 23 psalms were set up in inkscape. This was my second day with the glowforge. I have so much I want to do I don’t know where to start.


That’s pretty amazing! Which box design website did you use? I’d love to give something like this a try.


Search maker case and it will come up. You can enter dimensions and thickness. Make a hole or add wording. You choose what type no joint, tab joint or keyed. It can be quirky some times

This is beautiful and very touching. Your step mother will love this…and you did not lie.


yeah I think she will be tickled to get this. I didn’t get my Glowforge till after thanksgiving. so no one knows I have it yet. so I will have more surprises made for the family. yeah I cant just give out one gift, I would explode from holding back. :laughing:


Nice work!

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That is all you could do in two days? Slacker!

Seriously, great job. Also seriously, you’re training her to expect these awesome non-purchased gifts. Just sayin’.


What an awesome gift! She must love it!

Ooh, I like the rounded corners on the inside lip!

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Very nice! is that felt or flocking?

Just regular felt . :smile: