A Bright-ish Idea!

I’ve always been interested in the crowdfunded/kickstarter type projects, and one of the ones that I had backed a while back made for great christmas presents. The company is named Power Practical, and I’m sure some of you have heard of them. Anyway, I had ordered their original Luminoodle product, and then a while later, they upgraded them to include remote controls, as well as color options, as the original only came in the typical LED white color so of course I ordered one of those, too. Here’s a pic of the original and an out of the box way that I liked to use it.

Back to the topic. I really enjoyed the color option for mood lighting in our bedroom, and with the included remote, I always wished that I had some way to leave it by the bedroom lightswitch to switch the Luminoodle on instead of having to manually press the button, or even turn the bedroom light on and then back off once I did turn the Luminoodle on…inconvenienced by the conveniences of modern day living, am I right? I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me until today, but I have the perfect machine to make what I had been wanting! I believe that at some point in my pre-glowforge days, I had intended to use it to design and make something, but it wasn’t until I found the remote (on the floor under the bed, gathering dust), that I was once again reminded of my idea. So, here is the final product:

I love command strips, and with our current living arrangements, we’re not allowed to put holes in our walls, so this is the less permanent, but very functional way of adhering it to my wall. Also, I thought the front would be prety boring without something engraved there, and I figured what was more appropriate than using the company’s logo that designed the lights :slightly_smiling_face:

My best friend’s dad’s B-day was the other day, and he is a HUGE Iowa Hawkeyes fan, so I made him this neat little keychain


How cool is that? Both of the projects are totally neat…maybe you could build one of the rubber band Gatling gun drones with the Glowie and use the Luminoodle on that! :grinning:


Now that is very cool! Now I want a limenoodle.


It’s funny, because I didn’t have my drone yet when ordering the glowforge, and so I didn’t know much about them. So the one in the promo video was really cool, and did kind of pique my interest in them.

I too, would like a limenoodle :wink:

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Great idea for your remote! Love the keychain … made to order fun!

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If you like color LED strips, there is an obscene amount of it, at good prices, on eBay. You can wrap your whole world in colored chase lights. There are some nice features on that Luminoodle though, like the magnetic mount.

Precisely. I’ve currently got all my layers separated in Photoshop ready to customize in the likely event that people will be interested in having their own custom keychains made. Easy gift idea for any occasion!

@GrooveStranger I’ve seen a lot of options when it comes to LED strip lighting, and I hope to eventually learn some arduino programming to create truly unique projects, but for now, I’m just a simple man working with what I’ve got :sweat_smile:

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Is it sad the the thing I like the most was the kekeychain. My Brother inlaw is also a huge Hawkeye fan and graduate.
You’ve just inspired one more gift for him.

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That first image is the strangest Jesus portrait I have ever seen.


Hey, I posted about it because I knew there were going to be some fans out there!

Hahaha it’s been a few years since I’ve been compared that way, but I’ll take it as a compliment :rofl: