A chair

Well, a scale chair, anyway.

I want to start playing around with furniture with my Shaper and found this design:

Looks good, but I decided to redraw it from the plans so I could parameterize it for different board thicknesses. To test how it would look, I scaled it by 1/6 for 1/8" Proofgrade cherry ply and printed it out from my model.

Here’s my parameterized version, if anyone would like a chair for ants:

Oh yes, attribution for creative commons purposes: Design by Jose Pacheco for Opendesk.


Looks good! :grinning:


I like me a good lasered chair and this ain’t no exception. You can say no if this sounds stupid, but is it possible to get a banana for scale?


Great job, but it needs a banana.


Ha, I just saw the other chair thread. Yes, I have no bananas.


How is the shaper? Have you made any big projects? I’ve reached out to them about the chair I made before, they said they were planning to release on the shaper hub which would be under a CC license. Nothing so far though for that design.

And I’ve got a Maslow CNC coming (as shaper aren’t doing international at the mo) so looking forward to making full scale soon. The glowforge really helps with prototyping.

Nothing big yet, I’ve spent most of my learning curve time making custom wooden train tracks.

The big issue with the small scale chair is assembly. I was planning to ditch the screws in the original design and glue everything together, but it is hard to work quickly and precisely at small scale when everything needs to align with everything else.

Now I’m wondering if wood glue on face to end grain in plywood will be strong enough for a chair.

Agreed some of the fit and finish does not scale. The pictures I was working from had a dowel construction for full scale that isn’t practical for such small scale.

I’ve found a Gorilla brand superglue that comes with a brush applicator. Helps me be a little more precise (and less messy!) for the small stuff, no blobs and gives you a few seconds of wiggle. And I don’t want to think about clamping for wood glue on that scale! If I was doing it often I’d make a jig, but for a prototype…

Where you talking about face to end grain for full scale? I’m not sure that would work too well. I see an opportunity for dowels in the design you have above. What did Opendesk prescribe?

Original has holes for multiple screws.

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One thing of note on your Maslow. Be sure to overbuild the frame. The original frame bends too much. I added several supports but am now making a lumber rack / Maslow frame that will be a torsion box to control the warping. When it starts pulling it up with both chains the forces are suprisingly large. Funny I waiting on the Shaper to get here next week to make some of the parts for the Maslow

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Thanks for the heads up on the frame design. Alwats good to get first hand advice! Been following the Maslow discourse with interest, super interesting and constructive and good to see Bar in there at every oppertunity and really using the feedback.

How is your maslow?

I built a set of 45 degree arms to get it be more accurate and cut several things. It works good for large things. I have a flatbed 2 x 4 gantry as well. Some things I did not think about are troublesome like after you have cut some things out of a panel it is hard to get it to use the left over small little areas like we can on GF. The sled will drop in any missing piece areas. But it like all tools it has it’s place.

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