A couple heart boxes for my wife and girls

I got my Glowforge a couple weeks ago. It’s been amazing so far and I’m really enjoying creating things with it. I designed a couple boxes for my family for Valentines day. I think future versions could be lit with leds or designed to be hung on the wall. I was super excited to see that acrylic cut with no burn marks at all.


I like the Acrylic liners, looks great.


Cool! That gives a nice glow to the boxes.

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How lovely and unique! I’m sure they were thrilled to get them!

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Really nice! Personalized items for all!

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I’m just going to make an assumption here and say, what a great DAD.

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Thanks. I try. Honestly there are going to be a lot more reasons to take a break from work and make something.

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These turned out just lovely!!!