A couple of cube lamps

I was trying to work out something to do with a Celtic Knot design I had been playing with and decided to make a more standard square lamp (as the design was square} and so made this…

It was very pretty but I did not have a properly sized candle for it till this weekend and it makes quite a difference as you see here.

and here

it is interesting how much the horizontal lines are emphasized when not straight on and of course it can make amazing patterns on the ceiling and wall behind it:

Meanwhile, I was trying to accomplish something in Inkscape, and ended up accomplishing something entirely unexpected. Again having a nice LED candle inside made a huge difference…

and it also makes nice patterns…


Only time I put a lid on a candle holder was when used an electric candle.

Got to wondering if it would ever get changed to a real candle and never put a lid on one again.
Put your hand about 6-8 inches above a candle and pretend you are wood.

Those knots look great though.


I use only LED candles and have a disclaimer admonishing folk to only use LED candles and that wood can burn. If folk want to go out of their way to win a Darwin award nothing I say will stop them from doing stupid stunts, and meanwhile the rest of us can enjoy the play of light through the design on the ceiling.


They are gorgeous! The teeny tiny finger joints really complement the design.


I have come to the point that anything with corners like that cannot look right without them.


Beautiful - with and without the light shining through.



Tiny Finger Joints For The Win!


Really nice … Love Celtic designs … And, of course, the small finger joints.

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Another cube lamp I made trying out the Free Pencil box pattern, but as a lamp and with fingered sides.

oh and I added feet!


Wow! That’s a design that probably requires a lens cleaning halfway through.


Very Cool! 1/8th inch hardwood? bet weeding out that pattern work was no small task. Love the huge number of fingers - did you do that manually to the pattern?

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A really close look shows it is not exactly the same pattern, and it covers a larger area than the pattern did, so yes I created one from scratch inspired by the pattern of the other but my interpretation of what the other should have been.

The material is 0.192 Revolution plywood so a bit over 3/16". As many of the holes are not that big it produces a very 3D look as the exact angle of the view produces very different amounts of light from each hole. And as such throws a pattern on the ceiling and wall even though the candle would normally disperse it.

At this point given the strength and look of fingers smaller than the thickness of the material I am finding anything else without a good excuse, unpleasant.

I get what you’re saying about fingers less width than the thickness of the board now. it’s beautiful. well done.

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