A couple of Logos for Friends and Relatives

I made a couple of logos to be used as a kind of calling card for projects. The first one is for a friend of mine who does a lot of craft projects, and the Evil Genius of Evil is my brother. He is attaching the medallion to his wood working projects.


These are great ideas and really crisp.

The “evil genius of evil” is genius!:smile:

Thanks. I am sure my brother would agree. He really is a genius.

Yeah, I like the Evil Genius one too. What font is that? (Really works for evil geniuses.) :grinning:

So you’re Randal’s sister!! I’m his friend with the Pro model. Congrats on your GF, I heard you’re having fun with it.

the font is called Coal Train JL. It is available on 1001 fonts- I think.


Nice to say HI, and thanks! Congrats on yours too! Best toy ever.