A couple recent things

Anybody else have utility knife blades floating around, or maybe in the remains of that blister pack?

It’s not very good, but it’s good enough. I made a mistake when I traced around the blades and scanned: told the GF to cut around the inside rather than the outside of the trace, so I had to go in with a dremel. But now I have a storage caddy that works.

Meanwhile, the 12-year-old has been getting into hot sauces, so he designed this:

Requires more glues than I’d like, but if we want to learn from this one, version 2 should be easy. And then version 3 as we get more bottles…


Those are great!

Tell us more @jrnelson… My twins are crazy for Cholula.


Great idea on the blade caddy…I might have to do one of those to get them rounded up too! :grinning:


Love me some Cholula.

Although I’m not a huge fan of Tabasco (I think it’s kind of one-dimensional), one of my favorite experiences, and possibly the best-smelling place I’ve ever been in, was a visit to the factory on Avery Island. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions, saw the sign for “Tabasco factory” during a road trip and just decided to take the exit. Of course it was more of a “happens to be in this direction” sign, so it was many many more miles, but we eventually showed up at this strange little place, 5 minutes before closing, the only ones there. A pretty short tour, but oh those barrels of fermenting pepper mash everywhere… it was like 17 years ago and I’m still salivating. Should probably get that looked at.


We’ve been talking about making hot sauces, maybe even growing some peppers. He likes his on the mild side.


It is this community … whatever the off topic subject or pertinent and timely technical advice … that makes the Glowforge waiting better. THANK YOU :glowforge::sunglasses:


Ditto to that ^


Thanks for the rundown on pickling and the ginger ale recipe- which I’m going to try TODAY! I just brine pickled about 10 quarts of green tomatoes and a load of kimchi for the winter. Pickling is fun- and the health benefits are for reelz.


I really like the idea of using this to make storage things like the utility blades. Good job!

Wow, that was a great post/response.
I love making pickles but never thought of making hot sauces before.

Bookmarked man!

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We are lovers of the Cholula sauce. In our household it goes by the esteemed name of “cha-hua-hua” sauce becasue 20 yrs ago my young niece couldn’t say the name.

@paulw I am going to shamelessly steal the blade holder :slight_smile: Well done!

Please steal. If I were the only person to make one of these I’d feel kinda stupid :slight_smile:

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