A craft that I made for a friend



This is a craft that I made for a friend. When I received Glowforge, with it I wish to turn many of my idea into different kind of end products.


Cool! So you carve your own rubber stamps? Yes, your Glowforge will be fun for you, for sure!


love the kitty design, and nice dremel work :thumbsup::smiley_cat:


looks like a seal seal to me! :smile:

Linoleum or rubber?


Definitely a rubber seal! :wink:


That is excellent! Super cute, thanks so much for posting it!


I spent almost a day to make this stamp for my friend’s bday gift. Wish I can get my Glowforge A.S.A.P then I can easily turn my ideas into lovely hand-craft, can’t wait to see my Glowforge!!!


That’s going to be amazing!