A creative geometry project



I’d been toying with this concept ever since I first placed my GF order. It’s pure joy to hold it in my hand!


Clever, putting the connectors inside the structure. Nice touch, holding the cabochons too.


Thank you!


Neat connectors! This is the coolest dodecahedron I’ve seen in a while.


Really nice work!


That’s pretty cool. Great options for mixed materials…and oooo acrylics ahhhhhh


Thank you kindly! The supporting structure forms an internal icosahedron, which gives me no shortage of entertainment.


I’ve totally got acrylic in mind!!


Love it!


If I’m not mistaken, that’s a dodecahedron supported on the vertices of an icosahedron. Nice!


Hush… The children are listening


Wonderful art in geometry! :star_struck:


That’s exactly what it is! I started with an icosahedron, then got the notion for the marbles at the vertices, then got to thinking about how to extend the planes of the vertex interfaces. Oh, the fun just keeps coming!


I think my head just exploded! Too cool!