A different kind of glow - Aurora Borealis over Seattle


I have a number of other hobbies keeping me busy while I wait for my Glowforge to arrive. Last night, I heard that the Northern Lights might be out, so I took my camera and tripod over to Don Armeni Park in West Seattle. The following photo was the result. Enjoy!


Never seen one…that’s beautiful! :relaxed:


Thanks! I’ve lived in Seattle for 21 years. This was my first time seeing the Northern Lights.


So excellent! Wow, I had no idea we could see it here in Seattle right now!!


What time were you out?


We don’t get them often in Central New York, but have had a few nice ones.


This was between 12:30 and 1:30 AM last night.


Spectacular photo, thank you for sharing it!

Seeing the aurora is high up on my bucket list. Had no idea it was visible so close to home right now … we used to keep an eye on the NOAA forecast for this, but I guess I slacked off.


Seen them twice when I was growing up in eastern Washington state. They’re an awe inspiring sight. Thanks for the picture!


@CharlesDarwin Wow, I would love to see them.
I wonder if they will be out tonight (and if I can stay awake that late).
Do you have any good forecast links for our area?


Check out Alice’s Astro Info:


I was just talking about the Northern Lights last night as there was a dark sky star gazing event here in Northern New Hampshire. I saw Jupiter and 3 of its moons but would really, really love to see the Aurora Borealis. So glad you were able to see and capture it!


Aaaagghhh…last night I was in Bellingham!! Beautiful capture of it though!


If you ever get the chance head further north. North West Territories or even northern BC or Alberta. They are so bright with a wide array of colors and you can even hear them crackle some nights. Truly amazing.


We are heading to Vancouver Island this summer. I’ll be sure to bring the tripod and camera!


Wow! Never seen that before - amazing!