A different kind of Star Wars Project


I’ve had my GF for just over a week and basically all I want to do is digitize my sketchbook and score silly little drawings into plywood (yes we are eating a lot of take-out right now). Decided to try adding some paint today. I love the way the score groove gives such a nice and clean edge against the raw plywood, although I think I’m going to try gessoing my next one first to see if I can get a smoother painting surface.


Cute! (And yes, take-out is your friend.) :smile:


Love the artwork! It looks great on the wood.


I love Wally like your art! It will be interesting to see your gessoed one.


Great art work…great project!


Neat idea! You can turn all of your painted sketches into their own sketchbook :slight_smile:


I’m dying to make some custom Traveler’s Notebook covers but leather needs to wait until my venting system is a little more airtight. But you have just reminded me of all the engraved moleskines I’ve got saved to my Pinterest laser board…


Don’t know that you can actually engrave on moleskin. Do some research before you try it, I seem to vaguely recall it not being a good laser candidate. (Might be wrong, just check it out before lasering.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I did some mild poking around a couple of years ago and think I remember it being possibly questionable. Research rabbit hole, here I come. :face_with_monocle:


So awesome…this is exactly why I got a forge!! Yay artwork. What type of paint are you using?


Yeah, I’m pretty excited about the possibilities with this thing. :art:

I used matte acrylics (Acryla gouache and Jo Sonja matte fluid acrylics) on an unfinished birch plywood panel. I’m going to gesso the next panel before scoring and try regular gouache.