A different snowflake - Ballet

So, a friend had asked about a ballet-themed snowflake, and I decided to start learning new software and play with that at the same time. I then decided I would share the file here.

Edit: File is updated. I think I have found and eliminated all the duplication.

(not the file, Updated file being linked soon)

Burned on paper. A weight in the center is your friend if you do this.

File: Ballet_Snowflake.zip (20.7 KB)


Well, that’s kewl! :smile:


Very cool - I do think that loops is going to be too small. I might suggest putting it on the ring in between two ballerinas instead of having it on a head :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing it cut!

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I like where I have it for a dancer vertical. If it is too small, I just have to go back to my source file and upsize it. Maybe I will have to cut a test on something, though acrylic is my goal.

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The file is updated now, in case you came and got it earlier.


A little bit of practice with the snowflakes tells me more passes, less power. Trying to cut without melting the edges for the fine details.

OOOOOOOoooooo! I’m trying to do the same thing with octopuses for the Nerd Cruise.


Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

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I hear narwhals are better.


Do you have an octopus outline you are working with?

Fun idea …l and very nice of you to share!

Presumable Narwhal would be horn out on a snowflake?

The loop for hanging is small, but will hold a fishing line on a 4.5" or larger flake.

Inventables blue on white acrylic, as requested by friend.


or tail. I could see either working

Narwhals are nice, but octopuses are group specific.

Yes. I started out picking up images from Etsy shops, but then found sites that offer fonts and graphics for sale with professional licenses, so I can use them in retail products .

And of course they’re running sales right now.

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Well, I was thinking that with a little work, I can drop an octopus into a snowflake, would just need a good starting image.

… work in progress…almost done…


Edit: Adding an outer ring, too.


When it is done, I will share.