A different sort of mandala

I made this in 1/4 " butternut wood and it almost made it but broke as I tried to get it to come out, so I had a large scrap of Revolution wood and was able to make this at 5.25" diameter.

Being plywood and the top layer extremely thin it did not look great so I spray painted it silver and gave that a layer of gold Rub-n-Buff. I particularly like the super-thin lines and openings but of course they are very problematic…


Wow, that is delicate looking. How many layers?

really thin lines on hardwood can be particularly problematic (vs plywood). so easy to break, depending on how the grain hits.

You must have the hands of a surgeon to even lift that off the tray lol.

It is just the 0.21 plywood. Not as rich as the butternut as the ability with engraving us not as good, but instead of multiple layers I use the depth engraving instead. It would be nice If I had some 12’ wide cherry 3/8 thick to try it with but unfortunately…


Yeah, I’d be afraid to breathe on that!


Yes I broke it trying to knock the sanding dust off, you can see the brighter yellow glue lines in the thicker places where I tried to glue it back before giving up. I just washed the carp off of it to get the photo so it is still wet.

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Another impressive mandala!


You can check out each day’s avatar as they are all from that same motherload I get playing around.

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Wow, such detail! It would be fun to see an animated GIF of it turning around on a turntable to get an idea of the 3D aspect.

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