A few Christmas Projects

Hi Everybody!

I haven’t posted much lately, so I figured I would post a few projects I was working on lately.

A friend of mine is a avid baker. She decided she wanted to start branding her stuff and asked me if I could make her a stamp to mark some tea towels with, which she uses to wrap around breads she gives to her friends.
I, of coarse said yes… for the price of baked goods!

I decided to make a prototype first out of Draftboard. It came out great!

Compared to the original design.

After use.

Final product! Worked great!

I’m planning on making a new version using linoleum instead. I would have taken pictures of the baked goods I received, but they didn’t last long enough.

My Sister wanted me to engrave a picture of her boyfriends dog for Christmas.
Hmm, I had some Sapele Ply that would look great! But the engraving won’t have the right coloring. I know, I’ll use it as a frame and engrave on a lighter wood!

While I could have looked for stoke SVGs to use, I decided I wanted to make my own in inkscape, because I want to learn this program more.

This is what I ended up with. :proofgrade: Medium Maple Ply back, Sapele Doghouse, :proofgrade: Maple Veneer name.

…Shhh, it’s the 17th, I don’t think she gave it to him yet, so no one tell.

My cousin (who I’m this close to convincing they need a Glowforge of there own) asked if I could help her with a secret santa gift. She wanted to magnet made of there cat. I said sure! She gave me a rough sketch of what she wanted.
(Yes, the cat’s name is Kitty.)

Again, I took the opportunity to play around with Inkscape some more. I used the Pattern Along Path function for the border, which I never used before. Then I found an excellent Youtube tutorial on how to make the ribbon (I’ll post a link at the bottom). Overall, I learned a bunch, and it came out great!

Here is the end result. I used :proofgrade: Medium Maple Ply. It turned out great!

I press fit some neodimium magnets. I screwed up the depth a little, so they are slightly proud, but still works!

The only modification I have is I did not use his method of curving the text. I used Text Along Path instead.


Great projects, and your ribbon looks great! :grinning:

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Your going to have a merry Christmas.

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So many projects. So well done.

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I was half expecting you to use the trace feature and give her an ornament of that… because funny…

Nice work on all of the above!


Dang it, that was a good idea!

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Love the stamp!

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Love the stamp! I never thought of using the Glowforge for one. Lots of ideas brewing in my head :slight_smile:

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I love all of these things. I know how tickled you must be feeling at your own accomplishments.

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Ohmygosh, I love all of these! The doghouse frame idea is genius!

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