A few leather bracelets

Wasn’t really sure what the wife would like, so I just made a whole bunch of options…

3 - 4oz vegetable tanned leather

Note: snap installation still pending.


I’ll bet she loves them all! :wink:


Lovely! The colors are amazing!



So Tasty & Moist!


Wow those look awesome

Leather bracelets are on my list!
I don’t think mine will be nearly as nice as yours!

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Lots of neat patterns!
Maybe magnets instead of snaps on the more fragile looking ones to reduce wear and tear?

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My choice would be ALL of them - and keep 'em coming.


I would just leave more space uncut on the snap ends–only cutting about 5-6" of area, and leave the area for snaps big enough so the snap is on solid leather & far enough away from any cutouts to minimize chance of leather tearing or stretching when you unsnap it… But also for the more open/weblike styles, long prong snaps maybe nicer than duradot, and also less force needed to undo those… (and you can have them w/ a ring, vs. a big snap cap showing–but if leather is too thick for those, can skive the ends a bit, or just use “baby dot” snaps (size 20 vs 24).

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Some beautiful choices for her!

Great work. She will love them.

They’re all great and I especially love the turquoise and green one next to it. Good spouse too; when in doubt, keep her happy and just make one of everything! :smile:

She is going to love them : )

Very nice, she will keep them all.

great color on those! would you care to share what dye you are using?


These are gorgeous! I love the patterns!

Love the designs! Question for you - do you do anything to remove the charring from the leather? I’ve been experimenting with some intricate designs on leather, but am worried about the char.

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It didn’t seem to be a problem with this thin of material. I just smacked them over the edge of the workbench a few times to knock free the loose bits of char, then proceeded onwards.


Outstanding! If there are any she doesn’t like, I call dibs! :smiley:

Do you mind sharing the paint/Dye you use? I bought some paint for some hand tooled earrings but it make the leather very stiff. Looking for a better alternative. Thanks so much! These are beautiful!!