A few things I made this weekend

Well the door definitely wasn’t made on the Glowforge, but I did use my GF to make a simple design for our all-glass door so my husband would quit running into it. :slight_smile:

We wanted something simple that wouldn’t obstruct our view. So we looked online to see what kind of decals were available, etc., but we either didn’t like the style or didn’t like the price - Walmart had a cute hummingbird one, but it was $43.00 for 3 of them! As we discussed it, we realized I could make a pattern on the GF and we’d just use Glass Frost paint, which we had also used on our bathroom window. So simple!

What wasn’t simple, for me, because I’m not a designer, was getting a 29" pattern to print on the GF. I did get it worked out into two pieces, and after just a few minutes, had the door done. Hallelujah for 12" wide masking tape! So here’s a pic of the door. And they don’t block the view.



Part of our view of the Smoky Mountains. This was this morning’s sunrise. Our goats are laying down in the field by the little tree.

And in case you wonder why our chairs are on a platform? This is our sunroom, and the windows are too high to see out of, as we enclosed the lower half to help the room look better and keep some of the heat in during the winter, as we enjoy sitting out there and watching our goats and chickens, when it’s too cold to sit on the deck.

The other things I made on the GF this week was a couple socket holders for my husband. He thought about buying some, but then just asked me if I could make them. For some reason, I couldn’t get boxes.py to not have a thousand and one tabs for a simple little box, so I ended up just making a straight-edge box that I glued together. The metric sizes on the right were in a holder, but they were laying flat. I told him I just thought they’d be easier to grab (plus match the imperial set) standing up. He’s happy with them. So am I.

So that was my weekend. Oh, plus an order for a customer. Whoohoo!


Looks like a very productive weekend!! Your glass turned out great. And, your scenery is beautiful!


Haha…the chairs on a riser…reminds me of a throne room! Your glass looks great…subtle, elegant, and hopefully a good deterrant.


Nice work - @ellencadwell !


A couple of clever solutions and a beautiful view!!


Your doors look very elegant, and tool organization is always great!


Thanks everyone! The view is what sold us on the house, but it took a LOT of cutting down cedar trees to get it the way it is. We cut down a little over 400 cedars, most of which were not huge, but quite a few were. This is one of our favorite views - love it when the day is clear enough and the sun hits just right to see the ridges of the Smokies.

This is another view from our deck:

This is what it looked like when we first moved in.


Oh my…so lovely. A little piece of heaven right there.


Thank you! We are blessed.


Love the topography pictures!!

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I am jealous :slight_smile:


Really neat pictures. And practical cuts that save money and are bespoke for the occasion really are neat to do.


Hey, good to know that you can use bird decals for husbands as well!

You really do have spectacular views.


He’s the one who requested them! It was easy for me to tell whether the door was open or not. :rofl: