A few things I've made


I have had access to a 60w laser cutter at my university for a few months and made a couple of things :slight_smile:

Wall clock:
Very simple with a clock module bought for nothing on eBay.

Tool holders: Have a plan to make a lot more of these :smile: The caliper holder has a magnet in it. This works quite well but metalworkers would probability not like having magnetic calipers.

Candle holder: 4mm plywood. Is made so that it interlocks in the center. Made it to fit a glass from IKEA.

Drawer cabinet Drawer fronts and black separators made in acrylic, back is 3.2mm MDF, rest is in 4mm birch plywood.


These are great examples of what is possible. Thanks for sharing. Especially like the votive holder. That’s a new design for me.


All very nice, particularly the candle holder.

wow awesome

I agree, the candle holder is great.

Thanks for sharing, love all the projects!! I especially love the clock- so simple and clean, and looks wonderful as a result!

Bah, everyone is so distracted by the shinies.

I bookmarked the thread for the tool racks. A well organized shop beats a stump of light any old day :slight_smile: Quite nicely done for simplicity and appeal.


Well Done! good stuff, I’m getting inspired!

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing and get all of us excited about the things we will be making with our Glowforges :smile:


I will make the tool holders first. They are great. I use the stupid metal clips that are supposed to go in pegboard. I got a sheet of the T slot material but haven’t found anything that really works to my satisfaction. The GF will make some great clips, not quite a French cleat system but better than pegboard.

I love these! Now how do we get the patterns :wink:

I have no problems sharing them. Do you just want the illustrator files or should i export it as something else?

I found that I don’t need to move my tools around enough for screws to be bothersome. Did at one point have an ambitious plan with some magnetic bases, however never really followed it through. Think I will look into making a website that can generate svg’s for a few types of tools given some tool measurements.

very cool!!

I agree! If I could get my area organized, it would be a true work of art

I designed a similar candle holder using Sketchup. Being new to designing things online, I kept it simple. All of the pieces will snap together and should hold without using glue.

Your design looks pretty cool. I’m not sure what the circles in the base are for though. It’s hard to tell from the picture.

If you are in Windows (which it looks like), there is a tool that is installed in most Windows distributions to take a snapshot of your screen. It’s called Snipping Tool. Go to your start menu and type “snippi” and it should come up. It makes it very easy to take a screenshot. I think it’s available in Windows 10, but I’m not 100% sure.

Also, in SketchUp, you can do “File -> Export -> 2D Graphic” and export your design as a PNG image. It will save your current view.

Those are 2 ways to easily show what’s on your screen.

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Some day I should brush up on shortcuts and stuff in Windows. It is in Windows 10. I just to the PrtScn key. Haven’t done a Windows screen recording ever, but have been looking at software for that purpose. Usually just do screen grabs and listed instructions rather than a video record and voice over. If I were a beta tester (sung to the tune of “If I only had a brain”) I’d have to do that to share all the goodies.

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It’s true, PrtScn will also capture a screenshot into the cut/paste buffer, and then you can just paste it in an email or image program (like Gimp). I think Ctrl + PrtScn will capture just the active window instead of the whole screen.

I like the Snipping tool because you can also capture just small parts of the screen and save them to a file.

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