A fidget spinner of a different kind



Saw this video on FB the other day…

And of course my first thought…I could so make that…

Luckily I had some bearings that I had aquired for those fidget spinners.
Quick measuments with a caliper and easy peasy had the parts for assembling.

The middle piece fit tightly…the hardest part was centering it so it wouldn’t wobble when spun.

Used an etched circle to line up the axel assembly. The larger circle (lt blue) sits on the inside metal portion and the smaller part (white) goes inside the hole.

The height of the bearing is taller than 2 layers of my acrylic so I used a bit of hot glue between to stick them together.

And there you have it…a spinner that makes you fidget…lmao


That’s my kind of fidget spinner! Do I need to play with anyone else???


Hahaha! You could have a whole series of these for choosing ‘the short straw,’ or which kid has to do the dishes that night, or who picks up the tab, or (I could go on). A truly random decision maker.


Ha ha…spin the bottle even


I think that’s great and I don’t even drink! Do you think it’ll spin faster/longer if you put some weight on the other end for balance?


I think the bearing actually needs to be cleaned…alot of these come packed with a thick grease that gets gunky…it didn’t really spin that great to begin with.
I guess if it spun longer, the game would last longer…lol


Um… NOT!! :joy:


Just change the word “drink” to the word “you” and you’re set!


Pretty cool. Those would have been killer in my mis-spent youth. :slightly_smiling_face:


My older kids are both young adults…they will get lots of use…lmao


Kids are gonna have fun…an excuse to play spin the bottle…not that they really even need one to begin with


Ha ha…my daughter is married and my son has a girl friend…don’t think they’ll be playing spin the bottle…I was refering to the drinking games…


I’m so making one of these! Perhaps neutralize it to: Your turn!


Oh man, I wonder if there’s a way to make a prank version, that always lands in the same spot after spinning a few times? Or so it never lands in a specific direction?

My drinking game strategy is usually to just cheat, but next level cheating where I could control who drinks? I’d happily let that kind of power corrupt me.


Maybe a Chore-O-Meter for @dan’s kids?


easy enough, just don’t mount it level.


There are ones along the lines of “What should I do today” and the arrow always misses the chores and lands on something fun.


I"m going to make one with a hidden magnet so it will point where I want it too. :slight_smile:


If you put a magnet in the spinner and the board, isn’t it going to be really obvious? The magnetic “pull” will obviously not match a “gradual” and “natural” stop from a normal spin.

If you want to get all fancy, I suppose you can come up with some sort of electromagnet arrangement where the “spin” is a moving magnetic field that will slow and stop on your desired output. Control the entire process from First Flick/Spin to the final resting spot. With that kind of control, you can mimic the natural slowing down of the spinner and allow it to seemingly “naturally” stop on the desired outcome.

But that sounds WAY more complicated and less fun than random chance.


it will be very subtle. I have built all sorts of things that spin.

I will post video when I get to make it. :slight_smile: