A FreeKEA Cardboard Longboard!

In an effort to get my students really pumped about creating… I bring you the FreeKEA Cardboard Longboard. Lots of room for the creators to make theirs way more epic than mine and since it is out of cardboard… almost zero cost to build. :grin:

Ultimate Challenge… All Cardboard build that is able to support us. Any chance @dan could send us a pro glowforge so we could use that pass through… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My Grandson would love to roll his small stuffed animals around on this!

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=) 3 of them went home with students on Friday. :+1:

I am in the process of recording my 3D printed robot riding one using the green screen to simulate movement. There are just NOT enough hours in the day… :cry:

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If you whip one up, we have found 2 top layers is a good idea. Looks really cool if you cut a name out of the top layer as well.

My new version I have the tabs at 8mm so they reach the surface of the 2nd deck.

After a few days, I think this lesson is really going to be a hit. Being able to make a longboard in 20 min is pretty cool… The challenges I give like trying to make the trucks more realistic are going to catch the future engineers as well.


Used your YouTube video to make this up. First time using Tinkercad. Kind of fun! I had to make one for the granddaughter, as well!

Didn’t see your double layer info until after I was done. Oh well. :slight_smile:


That is so awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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I created a new top for the single layer one so it had the extra strength. Turned out cool to have the ability to cut words out as well.


They got to use them yesterday for the first time. When the 2-year-old used hers the first time, it bent … so, will get a second layer cut and painted to stiffen it up. Will do her brother’s as well, just in case she gets a hold of it!


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