A fun bunny to make with grandkids

… could use some refinement, but the preschoolers were amazed.


They watched as it cut in 4 minutes and then anxiously assembled.


Added another file to include smaller bunny…



Oh that’s adorable! (Wish we’d had them as kids!) :grinning:

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Such a cute design, thanks for sharing!

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A great project for Easter with the 3yr old. Thank you for the file.

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Thank You for the share

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Thank you! Very cute!

Did you use draftboard with this? I tried it on plywood but the slots were too thin. Another option is I could work on modifying it to make the slots bigger. I’m trying to figure out Inkscape so it will be good practice. Love the bunny, going to make some for my little nephews for Easter.

That is cute.

Love it! Sincerely appreciate sharing of the file too.

Yes. Sorry forgot to say I used Proofgrade 1/8th inch Medium Draftboard on mine so far and got a good snug fit.

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Some 100 or 220 grit sand paper on something thinner than 1\8 draft board and you can have the slots any size you want.

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Thank you!

Yep I was trying to find an easier way as the slots were way off once my wife had me make a larger one. Thanks!

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