A gear box

Much cooler that a fidget spinner!

Holy cow @Tom_A, you didn’t tell your kids?? Mine have been counting down the days for the last two years! The good thing is that they’ve had plenty of time to come up with ideas, get a basic feel for Fusion 360 and SketchUp, read the forums for inspiration, and get excited (after plenty of frustration, of course). You should consider letting them experience the anticipation with you! Plus it’s a good lesson in patience.

Well, that was written a year ago. When I knew the time was at hand, I told them and they were very excited. We got our unit back in… I think it was June. Use it all the time for all sorts of things. What a great machine.

Oh yeah… time has passed. I actually like it when people resurrect old forum posts, but sometimes I look foolish when responding like it was yesterday!


I stumble across this thread again after the clock has cycled many hundred times…
And my Glowforge is, at this moment, rattling off Gear Box number 19 for yet another child’s birthday party.
Don’t know what the next gift will be, but since June this has been a stunner. Lots of neighborhood kids and their parents have raved.