A gear box

Making things isn’t really a thing my wife does but the Glowforge has her looking up things to make. The ease at which she can find something and cut it out makes a lot of things happen. This is her most recent and I think its pretty cool.


That is super cool, @Kallisti!


Great way to think inside the box.


Sweeeeeet! I’m looking forward to trying the geared business cards! :smiley::+1:


Which one? :smiley:


I’ve got a couple pinned on Pinterest…I’d have to search them out for you later. (I was thinking maybe they would be fun to try in veneer, if I can find any that don’t warp like a SOB here in Houston. So far, not a lot of luck.)


Just the other day, as my husband was listening to me (once again) say, “if we had the GF, we could use it for that” and I was telling him that others on the forum were mentioning how spouses (spice?!) have gotten truly excited about the GF once it has arrived, we decided it might be a good idea to have a “support group” for GF owners forum member spouses: “Hi, my name is Jeff, and my wife used to talk to me about how my day was going, but now all she talks about is GF ideas.” “Welcome, Jeff! You are not alone.” :rolling_eyes:


My wife would join in a second. She has patiently listened to how I would make this or that…“If I had the Glowforge, I could…” I think if I don’t get a GF soon and start actually making these cool things that she will need more than a support group, but perhaps group therapy… :fearful: - Rich


Looks like something i might need to make for my desk. It would be fun to play with during those long phone meetings. :slight_smile:


When the GF arrived yesterday the wife was completely surprised at it’s appearance and what it could do. She had never even looked at a picture of it. She had no clue, even though I’ve been on the forum every single day and have talked non stop about it. She hadn’t planned any projects, but that all changed last night.


My wife is in the same place. She hasn’t seen any pictures, hasn’t asked many questions about it, I don’t think she understands the size of it. Currently she just rolls her eyes when I tell her that she is going to love it and I want her to use it as well. Given her creativity (she spent several years as Head of a costume department at a local theater), I will be VERY surprised if I don’t eventually have to schedule times for each of us to use the GF.


My wife’s been coming up with some cool ideas. Although I can tell she doesn’t know what she’ll be able to do with this thing yet. I know the floodgates will open with ideas flowing freely once we start to experiment.

Yeah… I’ve stopped talking about it with my wife. She’s pretty disappointed we’re looking at several more months before delivery.


Bad part about it was at the time I said it was her Christmas present for her art stuff, though it would likely not arrive until late April 2016.


Heh. We were going to do the same thing as a family Christmas present. Luckily my wife had the foresight to say “But what if it’s later. What if it’s much later. Then we just don’t have a Christmas present. Let’s consider Glowforge to be something completely separate.” And so we did. And we still haven’t told the kids what a Glowforge is, let alone tell them we ordered one.


this is an instance where Today Tom can give Past Tom a very big high five for listening to your wife :wink:


Yep! All that and she cooks! :wink:


oh man, that is super cool. :heart_eyes:

So cool!

What?! I’m loving that!! Kudos to your wife!!

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I downloaded the file for that gear box a year ago… it will be one of my early toys, I think. I spend much more time on the forums that my husband; but he also lurks.
Neither of us will need a support group… outside this forum, of course.
I’m sure that once it arrives we will have to remind ourselves to send the kids to school, and they will just know that we are making stuff without them.