A gift for a friend

The camera on this one totally saved hours of work. I put the wood in the laser upside down. I noticed things did not appear the way I had imagined it, and so moved the objects around until they looked right and came out with a product much prettier than I designed. I want to get a CNC. Does anybody know a CNC with a camera now that I am spoiled?

Hint: If you break apart the letters, and union them, it comes out much cleaner as in the “in loving memory” I missed that step on this one. I did not see it until after the printing was done.


Sorry about the letters. Other than that mishap, it turned out really nice!

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I know I’ve made that mistake with the lettering in the past as well. All part of the learning curve. Nice work nonetheless.

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I’ve made that letter mistake several times. I was able to fix it after the fact with a wood engraving tool.

Otherwise, it’s a lovely gift.

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Don’t worry about the letters! That issue is far from an issue! The sentiment and gift are perfect.

The problem as makers/designers is we are super critical of our work.

“Muggles” look at our creations and are amazed, and never see the flaws.


The difference between a hobbyist and a craftsman is a hobbyist can’t wait to tell you about his mistakes and a craftsman will never admit to them.


Nice tip, thank you

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You are so right!
I can not wait to give it to him

So true - Thank you!
My son does car work and whenever I visit he has to show me “where he could have done better”.
I have told him never to tell the customers because after it is pointed out that is all you can see.
I included that comment for the Glowforge community to know that tip for making a cleaner product.
Those who didn’t know, can learn from my mistake.