A gift for my neighbors

Non-PG something or other from Joanns - fairly cheap plywood. It took a while to dial everything in, but I am happy with the results. This is the Nativity by Durer, 1504. I got the scan of the print from the Met Museum, cleaned it up in Gimp, and then ruined a few boards. I tried PG as well - not great, likely my fault since the raster is probably too bright. Lots of details were lost. Anyways, here it is. It’s about 170mm wide.



I think it looks fantastic! Old Master etchings are perfect for engraving on wood in my opinion.


Indeed! I’ve done a few smaller ones, there are really neat series of things like continents, or muses, or one named ‘Liberal Arts’ - here’s Astrologia: 20171226_101713

I should really spend more time on this series, clean up and make into something blasphemous like a coasters set.