A gift


My wife’s boss’s birthday is tomorrow, and after I made two other boxes to hold an original wizard of oz book, and an heirloom children’s story book, she had a request for a box to store her Bible.

Under the knife/light:

I figured I’d bust out some embossing powder and the heat gun I bought to follow what @Xabbess showed us.

Gold for the outside, and “pearlescent” for the inside… You can’t tell the sparkles with the lighting I had, and like a novice I botched the first attempt.

However, I think I saved myself by using a xacto to scrape the bad parts, then I reheated it and got it cleaner looking:

Now it’s time for gluing!

I’ve got some magnets to secure tomorrow morning after the glue sets for the sides together and to the bottom.


That is just spectacular. The Celtic cross is superb. Thanks for sharing.


So now my wife turns to me and says: “it’s really cool you did a Celtic cross, she’s super Irish”.

I wasn’t previously aware.

Well then. Hopefully it won’t disappoint! :slight_smile:


Wow. That’s really something beautiful.
It’s interesting to me how the modern laser look of this, the laser artifacts themselves (smoke, coloring), actually make it look ancient and… religiousy.
At least that’s my take on it. It is art, after all.


Celtic knot accents for my projects are in the top five reasons I ordered a Glowforge. My pyrography skills aren’t good enough to accomplish the quality of work I want for my designs. This is exactly what I was hoping to be able to accomplish.

I can’t wait to get started when mine arrives later this year…


Really gorgeous cover! I need to do a couple, I like the hinged back. :blush:


Wow!! Awesome engraving!


Very nice! Looks great. Another argument for looking into embossing powder. Thanks for sharing.


Wonderful box! She is going to be thrilled!


That’s really beautiful!


Nice gift but, Wow. Liked my Bosses fine, but he/she wouldn’t get a gift unless I felt overpaid. I wasn’t.


That engraving looks perfect. Can you tell us the settings that you used to get it? That is such a great idea.


I used the medium maple ply settings and chose the lighter engrave.

Technically I was using non proof grade material, Baltic birch ply from local supplier.


Wonderful job…and of course, I’m quite partial to the addition of embossing. :relaxed: What a great gift!


Epic!! Bookmarking this!


Much less 3 gifts!