A Home for Sadie Part 2

Much to my surprise Slow Sadie Fillmore (again, the name you get when you run “glow forge” through a blues singer name generator :grin: ) arrived on Friday (no email telling me she had shipped). Well, here she is on her new home and some of her first efforts.

The obligatory ruler.

Sadie helping me promote my business. You can check out my analog work on Etsy.

My teaching departments crest.

And then winter returned :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Just got back in from shoveling snow. Sadie will have to wait until it warms up in the garage again. Don’t worry I made sure she is nice and snug.


Great looking projects! Hope it warms up enough soon that you can get back to playing again. :rabbit2: :rabbit: babies babies babies


Congratulations on getting set up and running your first projects.