A HUGE Thank you to Glowforge!

We purchased our first Glowforge a couple weeks back and business has been so amazing that we just purchased a 2nd! (This time going with the Plus to get jobs done a bit faster)

We have been creating custom signs, toys, artwork, etc. With Christmas right around the corner we are getting ready to go!

It’s been amazing having the opportunity to bring creations to life and design to my hearts content. Thank you Glowforge for making such a great machine that someone can start using right out of the box…(15 years design experience is definitely help a little:)

  • Mikey (A very HAPPY GF Owner)



Congrats indeed! So glad your Glowforge is working for you so well. Great to let us know all too (offsetting the complaint section). :smiley:


My wife begged me to walk her through the process of making something, so I told her if she can design something (draw it), then I would. She did, so I walked her through the process that what she came up with needed, and she was so crazy excited when the laser finished cutting her new earrings out. Afterwards she told me how impressed she was with what I know and how it was basically all self taught for one reason or another. I told her that it really is just years of compounded random things that led me here. Can’t say I have 15 years, but I’ll get there one day with the help of the Glowforge!

Congratulations on your success, and here’s hoping that you need a third machine to keep up with your eventual increase in demand :wink:


Just a friendly reminder from one business owner to another to have a backup plan in case you lose one or both machines. Mechanical failures happen and you need to have your backup plan in place before they do.

Glad it is working for you, and good luck!


I was hoping the 2nd would be backup! haha. Thanks Ben!


Nice work Raymond! I am self taught as well. Picked up like a million page photoshop book 15 or so years ago, read it from cover to cover and have used the tools pretty regularly since then. Good luck with everything!


It certainly can be! You just have to balance your workload so that one of them gets less work so it has less chance of failure. I found from my 3D printing business that the work expands to fit the number of machines. I ended up with eight printers because of that.


wow! thats awesome!

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