A keychain for practice


NOk. Was looking for a simple project for a little design practice. Quick engrave oh the company logo because it’s clean yet good details. Turned out good but couldn’t trim it clean by hand. Redesign…

Now laser cut… symmetry… fold over and glue… a rivet.

Cleanup… a little moisturizer…
finished project.

I am truly amazed at how the design becomes the focus and not the positioning, reposition etc. This should be a bit larger but when you can size it to the material on screen it opens so many options. Just to add another swing at the downed horse… good job @dan and @support. (All of you!!!) I am pleased with the improvements due to the delays.

P.s. since my wife thinks I’m going to jail…I hope I get visitors…(that bring laserable materials!!)


Awesome! (Already moved on to leather.) :smile:


really cool


Good job!


Nice design and write up! Thanks!


Turned out great!


I appreciate the support. I’m really excited to see what comes next after this key chain!