A layered sign


Yes, it’s not centered, something went wrong in my calculations. Oh well, this is just for the office.


Still looks pretty cool! :grinning:


I would have never noticed if you had not told me!!! Nice!!!


The artist’s eye is the most critical. Looks great to me.


I was once told the difference between a craftsman and a hobbyist is that a craftsman never tell of errors and a hobbyist points them out to everyone.


Great job on alignment and kerning. Care to describe your method?


We are our toughest critics… Looks great anyway!


I’m a huge perfectionist when it comes to perfection…lmao. :wink: Its not raising the little hairs on the back of my neck though…the pattern in the background masks the misalignment…you are gold.:+1:


Ok i am on some cold medicines and all so you will have to forgive me:

“Who you gonna call?”

And yeah i couldn’t tell it was off centered either.



Looks awesome with the engraved background.


I really dig the repeat background. If I were to just picture that in my mind, I would think it is too busy, but it works well.


So awesome! Now I’m inspired to try a layered sign of my own.


You’re obviously not a perfectionist. lol. And yes this is just a hobby.