A leather maker that uses a laser (video)


I follow this YouTuber who makes videos on how things are made. This video was just uploaded.

And on a non-laser note: this is my favorite episode by him. Mainly because of what happens 45 seconds in. I’ve probably watched this 100 times.


Second one is well worth skipping to the 40 second mark for sure :joy:


Great find. Made me think about why I make things. We lived out in the country, outside of a small town. We didn’t buy much of anything except clothes and food in our house. Had a few toys, but most of my childhood not on the soccer field, in the library or behind a book was spent outside. We made stuff all the time. The first leather work we got into was making jesses, hoods and bewits for our red-tailed hawk, Lance. One of my older brother’s was a falconer. The Glowforge definitely would have come in handy making the falconry kit which had lots of fussy cuts.


OOOH they have a hopper too !!!


Thanks for posting this. Not only is his stuff creative and beautiful, but he just makes me smile. What he says is inspiring and makes me want to get busy and make something.


I hate it when I almost loose my glasses… I"m glad this guy was such a good sport about it… he even kept the slip-up in the video.


In reference to your second video, ha! A good sport whether it was staged or not. I lost my dad a couple of years ago, who was a big part of the thanksgiving feast we’d put together. The second Thanksgiving, the rest of the family decided to just go easy and do a spaghetti dinner in lieu of the big turkey and everything dinner. So, at home, I put together an entire Thanksgiving dinner (minus desserts that I bought) and loaded it into the truck. I arrived while the water was boiling and without a word just started loading in tray after tray of food I had cooked - including the cranberry sauce he cooked at the end. Guess that touched somewhere close. :slight_smile:


The action’s at 50 :slight_smile: But, I always look at those and think to myself “I hope he wasn’t carrying his cell phone”.


Things like this are why I immediately throw any new phone in a lifeproof or other water proof case. It improves my hand eye coordination, haven’t dropped a phone in the case but have fumbled one before I could get the case on.


I never cracked a screen until I started using a screen protector a couple of years ago. Now I crack one of those (but not the screen) every few months. So now I wonder if I should skip the protectors since they’re breaking…or am I really saving myself from breaking the screens because I’ve unknowingly changed the way I treat my phones?


For my next phone my intention is to not use a case… but I’m not sure yet. I’ve never cracked a screen on a smart phone. The one phone I broke by dropping it, we were getting ready to get new ones anyway.


I’ve developed an involuntary reflex of holding my hand over my shirt pocket every time I bend over.


The only reason I use a case is that I feel that the phone is a bit too slippery without one. I get the lightest on I can find.


I’ve used Dbrand vinyl skins on the back and sides of my last two phones. They add basically no bulk, and they are textured which helps take away the slipperyness. They obviously aren’t going to protect as well as a case but it’s a trade-off I’m willing to take.


I just buy waterproof phones. My current Sony is going on 2.5 years without a problem. I also try to get at least two ways to charge it, but that is getting harder and harder to find for some reason.


My otterbox has taken some serious hits to the pavement, but the phone inside is pristine.
I makes the iphone 5 about three times thicker.


You should track down Make Supply Company online. All lasered small goods, and he does a stand up job…

I believe he is makesupply-leather.com


happy birthday :tada:


Haha! Thanks. but shhhhh its a secret. :wink:


Chuckle! Sorry…word’s out! Happy BD! :smile: