A Legendary project for 3D engrave or 3D printing



I know there are a few video game enthusiasts on here(i remember your pixel art and housing issues but not your nameā€¦:frowning: sorry). And just came across this and thought, wellā€¦ this is short enough in height to be 3D printable in a :glowforge: bed. Or 3D engraved into some cool material.


I vote for q*bert next!


I wonder if anyone has the maps for some of the sidescrollers.


pitfall might be interesting but how do you handle the above ground and below ground connections being different?


I have all kinds of video game maps/imagery on my list of things to 'forge! This thing canā€™t come soon enough!!!


Ahhhh, Zelda. My first addiction :smile:


I saw this today too! Itā€™s glorious!


Yes, i saw that.
I admit that a lot of my games will be reconsidered once the 'Forge arrives.
I originally purchased mine because i am an ā€˜Advanced Squad Leaderā€™ player and i want to make some 3d boards for itā€¦

However i have also given some thought to other games including the olā€™faithful ā€˜Talismanā€™

Here is a 3d Board made by someone with plenty of time & talent



wow, that was a lot of work. I recognize some of the grass and bushes ā€œlandscapingā€ material from the model-train world.
The water is especially well done with the little whitecaps


My son has already requested a few Mario based light boxes once we get our GF.
I really like the look of the 3d printed map. Guess Iā€™ll have to get the 3d printing head once they come out with it.