A little cello music

As kottke says: You’re either the type of person who can’t wait to click on a link that says “Knight Rider for 8 cellos” or you are not.


I’m the type who clicks - that was amazing!

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Ahhhh, that brings back memories… :wink:

the kottke link said “video unavailable”…

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Odd, it’s working for me still. Welp, can’t hurt to have the direct link too, thanks!

I quite liked her “Inspector Gadget for 8 Cellos” as well

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It bangs!

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How could you not click on it? And then replay it 'cause it’s so wicked cool?

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Pretty easy, I don’t click on any links to blog sites where they make money by simply sharing other peoples content.

But Knight Rider :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Two seconds on the google (right-click, “search google for…”) and you have the source. :slight_smile:

Psht. I appreciate your hardline, but you are miscategorizing this kind of curation and sharing.
Kottke is not some content farm, and that’s not how youtube monetizes anyway. Save your ire for the flipboards, pinterests, apple newses and buzzfeeds of the world.


I generally do. I just consider this (and boingboing and similar sites) in the same category. I am “trend averse”… :sweat_smile:

(… and why I haven’t had “TV” for many years, and finding unfiltered news has become more of a challenge.)

My oldest absolutely LOVED Knight Rider as a child, so naturally I sent him this. And naturally, he had already found and loved it. He commented yesterday, in a different conversation, that he’d created an iOS “shortcut” that will let him call his Tesla to him via Siri*, and suddenly his intense love for his car clicked solidly into place. Of COURSE he loves his Tesla. It’s his childhood dream come true!

*He hasn’t actually TESTED the shortcut, for fear of wrecking his car, but he’s very satisfied just to have it. :wink:


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