A little contest from Averly at Glowforge

I just adore this octopus!! The colors, the movement - it’s perfect!


there are not gifts, and they are from an etsy ‘template’ so I am not sure they qualify, but I love them!


That’s fabulous I have many SW geek friends and there would be fighting!


My favorite Glowforge gift was this tongue-in-cheek emergency box, made for an author who had just received a scathing one-star review on her book for its “salty language”.


OMG that’s hilarious! I’m so glad for this contest so I got to see that!!!

Salty language indeed :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine has to be hands down the edgelit sign I made for the employees of our local AMC Movie Theatre as the restrictions following the shut down of all of our theatres due to COVID were beginning to be lifted. The theatre that I “grew up with”, my children “grew up with”, my husband and I had most of our dates at this theatre (dinner & a movie) and now I work for the company (I never dreamed I would work there as a child).

The employees did an amazing job on all the extra work put on them to clean and sanitize everything in the theatre. I work in the home office in IT and so I know they were working hard to bring us all back to the movies. It was amazing the day we walked in to the smell of popcorn popping, looking around at the theatre I had missed visiting, and seeing all the smiling “eyes” (as everyone was masked) as we all walked in. We were asked to bring a thank you card when we came for a screening for employees; but I thought I wanted to give a gift from the heart from our family and made this for the theatre…

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I love movie theatre popcorn so much that we bring some home after the movie and fill up a couple of big mason jars & suck the air out so we can have fresh tasting popcorn later.  ;-)

That is hilarious!
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You’re dad is Norman Schwarzkopf? Wow! :joy::joy:

(For those too young to know, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf was Commanding General of U.S. military forces during DESERT STORM)


Cool! Where did you find the Gallifreyn?


ok. So after struggling on exactly which project to share with the community, and for this contest, I decided to show the project that brought me the most joy… the joy and excitement we only ever get to experience ONCE in our lifetime.
It was my very first project.
(These were the actual pictures of the moment I made my 1st laser cut)



There are a lot of them on the web. Just Google it. When I’ve done Gallifreyan projects I tend to pick whichever one comes up first in the Google results :slight_smile:


it does qualify, it is the GIFT of good meaure


I’m really loving seeing all of these amazing projects, some I have seen before and still blown away just as much the second time, and some I’m seeing for the first time. They’re all such a joy!

This was a 50th birthday gift for my cousin in the UK who has a home in the Canary Islands, she really loved it.


My favorite gift I’ve made with my :glowforge: was for my best friend’s 60 B-Day:


I ‘mass liked’ everyones posts earlier, but I must step aside to say this is excellent! What a great idea…and a perfect name for it.


Wow, what a wonderful idea!


@Xabbess, thanks for the vote of confidence, I must confess I enjoy most :glowforge: proyects I make, but this particular one brought me great memories as my childhood friend and I stayed in touch through the decades and despite life taking us all over the map.

As for the term “Lifemap”, I came up this that all by myself, only to realize that the net uses that term for a whole bunch of other things.

Travelling from Mexico to Canada to his B-Day on Feb. 2020 was the last trip I made before the pandemic shut us all down.


Hardwood Butterfly Crochet :yarn: hook holder for my wife.


I was only a small part of this gift but it was by far my favorite GF made gift.

of course this isn’t a contest entry. :slight_smile:


The favorite gifts I’ve made are not complicated, challenging or difficult. They were the most meaningful!

My first favorite is: Bye Bye Chemo pins and unicorn earrings
In Feb 2020, my daughter finished > 27 months of chemo (for leukemia). After isolating for over 2 years to keep her safe, we had a “Bye Bye Chemo!” party. She was 4 at the time. (Little did we know that would be the only time we’ve seen most of our friends for the next 2 years lol) I had only had my Glowforge for a short time, but I made these pins.

There is a detailed story behind the pins.
  • Addie has Down syndrome. When we participated in our first of the local annual Down syndrome walk, our team name was Addie’s Avengers. When she was diagnosed with leukemia at age 2.5, it seemed like a perfect name to use. So the Avengers logo was part of the inspiration.
  • Part of the A forms a ribbon, which I painted gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness.
  • The chevrons are a symbol used by parents in the Down syndrome community.
  • I have other variations of the design/colors, and I’ll probably make other items later. I will be continuing to always advocate for my amazing girl and all of the other wonderful kids.

Her party theme was rainbows and unicorns :rainbow: :unicorn: and I made her these unicorn earrings as well (which ironically I’ve just submitted to the catalog this past weekend).

i’ll post my other favorite separately.